3D signage provides a combination of innovating materials and appealing production techniques that can make a statement and stand out from the rest of the crowd – literally.

Creative choices within typography, lettering and elements can create a bold message for passers-by that can add an extra dimension to your business. 3D letters and shapes can be made in a range of materials and techniques that are now an accessible option for most businesses. Any type of 3D Signage can add a dynamic factor to any sort of branding – throughout not only lettering, but also wordmarks, emblems, and logos.

Design & Apply have a range of available materials, such as Acrylic, Timber, PVC Foamboard, Aluminium Composite Panels, and much more. Uncomplicated designs work best for 3D applications, so keeping it to a bold design with simple lettering will be the best for this kind of signage. Design & Apply can confer with you on the best choices for your brand and identity.

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